User Guide (Version 1.17)

Advancing the Physical World Time State

The TimeStep functions make the entities advance their state by the specified time interval.

If timeGranularity in the physical variables is set, the time interval will be snapped to an integer value with the specified granularity (for example, if timeGranularity is 0.001, the time interval will be snapped to a millisecond).

Entities that perform the step can be filtered with ent_ flags in the flags parameter.

The flags parameter can contain ent_ masks for Simulation type.

The flags parameter can also contain the ent_flagged_only flag. This flag causes entities to be updated only if the entities have the pef_update flag set.

Specifying the ent_deleted flag will allow the world to delete entities that have timed out if physics on demand is used.

Most entities have the maximum time step capped. To have larger timesteps, entities have to perform several substeps. The number of substeps can be limited with the physics variable nMaxSubsteps.