User Guide (Version 1.17)

PhysXRigidBody API

You can interact with the underlying PhysXRigidBody API using the generic physics API in AzFramework/Physics.

The following table lists functions for PhysXRigidBody API.


Interface Function Name Parameters Return Value(s) Notes
GetNativeShape Ptr<NativeShape> Returns a pointer to the underlying PxShape. This is useful for accessing functionality not exposed through the generic API.
GetCenterOfMassWorld AZ::Vector3
GetCenterOfMassLocal AZ::Vector3
GetInverseInertiaWorld AZ::Vector3
GetInverseInertiaLocal AZ::Matrix3x3
GetEnergy AZ::Matrix3x3
GetMotionType float
SetMotionType MotionType motionType void
GetMass float
GetInverseMass float
SetMass float mass void
GetLinearVelocity AZ::Vector3
SetLinearVelocity AZ::Vector3 velocity void
GetAngularVelocity AZ::Vector3
SetAngularVelocity AZ::Vector3 angularVelocity void
GetLinearVelocityAtWorldPoint AZ::Vector3 Gets the world linear velocity of a world space point attached to this body.
ApplyLinearImpulse AZ::Vector3 impulse void
ApplyLinearImpulseAtWorldPoint AZ::Vector3 impulse, AZ::Vector3 worldPoint void
ApplyAngularImpulse AZ::Vector3 angularImpulse void
IsAwake bool
ForceAsleep void
ForceAwake void
GetTransform AZ::Transform
SetTransform AZ::Transform& transform void
GetPosition AZ::Vector3
GetOrientation AZ::Quaternion
GetCollisionFilter CollisionFilter& filter CollisionFilter
SetCollisionFilter void
GetAabb AZ::Aabb
Raycast RayCastRequest& request, RayCastResult& result void
GetNativeType AZ::Crc32
GetNativePointer void Returns a pointer to the underlying PxRigidActor. This is useful for accessing functionality which is not exposed through the generic API.