User Guide (Version 1.17)

Creating a Static PhysX Object

A static PhysX object provides collision geometry but does not move. These can be objects such as trees, boulders, and buildings. To create a static PhysX object, you can use a .pxmesh file to provide collision geometry or you can use a Shape component.

To create a static PhysX object

  1. Create an entity.

  2. Add the PhysX Collider component to the entity.

  3. Add one of the following components:

                        Add either a PhysX Mesh Shape or a Shape component
  4. If you added a Shape component, go to the next step.

    If you added a PhysX Mesh Shape component, you must specify a .pxmesh file. To do this, in the Entity Inspector, click the (...) icon next to PxMesh. Navigate to the .pxmesh file that you exported previously.

                        Click to select a .pxmesh file for the PhysX Mesh Shape component
  5. Add the PhysX Rigid Body Physics component. Leave the Motion type as Static, which is its default.

    You now have a static object with a geometry collision in your scene, but you can't see it.

  6. To add a visible component to your entity, add a Mesh component.

  7. Next to Mesh asset, click the (...) icon and navigate to the mesh asset to provide the visible portion of your entity.