User Guide (Version 1.16)

Guidelines and Best Practices

The following are some guidelines and best practices for consideration.

Pressing Scroll Lock pauses capturing data.

You must select a log file name quickly or you will timeout and not be able to connect to another session.

If the Statoscope network state is broken (you cannot connect but Statoscope is enabled and you have selected log to socket, you can reset the Statoscope network connection by changing the log destination away from and back to log to socket. To accomplish this, change the following console variables in the following order:

  1. e_StatoscopeEnabled 0

  2. e_StatoscopeLogDestination 0 (to file logging)

  3. e_StatoscopeLogDestination 1 (back to socket logging, this resets the Statoscope network state)

  4. e_StatoscopeEnable 1