User Guide (Version 1.15)

Using Console Variables

The following console variables can be used to control fog:

Parameter Description
e_Fog Toggles fog on and off.
e_FogVolumes Enables local height/distance based fog volumes.
e_FogVolumesTiledInjection Enables tiled fog volume density injection.
r_FogDepthTest Enables per-pixel culling for deferred fog pass. Fog computations for all pixels closer than a given depth value will be skipped. 0 = culling disabled. > 0 = fixed linear world space culling depth. < 0 = optimal culling depth will be computed automatically based on camera direction and fog settings.
r_FogShadows Enabled deferred volumetric fog shadows. 0 - no shadows. 1 = standard resolution. 2 = reduced resolution.
r_FogShadowsMode Ray-casting mode for shadowed fog. 0 = brute force shadow map sampling. 1 = optimized shadow map sampling.
r_FogShadowsWater Enables volumetric fog shadows over water volumes