User Guide (Version 1.21)

Resetting the Transform

You can reset the transform for an entity, so that you return the entity to its previous location.

To reset the transform

  • In the viewport, select an entity and press R.

    The following are shortcuts to reset the transform.

    Shortcut Description

    Select an entity or group of entities and press R.

    Resets the transform to parent space. This depends on the manipulator mode that you're in.

    For example, if you are in the translation mode, this shortcut resets the translation for your entities.

    Select an entity or group of entities, press and hold Shift, and press R.

    Resets the transform to world space. This shortcut ignores hierarchy depth.

    Select an entity, press and hold Ctrl, and press R.

    Resets the manipulator back to its original position.


    This shortcut doesn't reset the manipulator scale.


    In the following example, you can reset the transform as the entity transforms are changing and return them to their original transform.

                            Modify entities and reset their transform in Lumberyard.