User Guide (Version 1.14)

VR Islands Level

The VR Islands level showcases the potential of a simple VR level started from instantVR. This level features floating islands between which a player can teleport.

Lumberyard has customized instantVR with new controllers that have physics collision on them.

A player can teleport around the islands using the trigger button on the Oculus or Vive motion controllers. Assuming the teleport location is valid, holding the trigger picks the location, and releasing it initiates the teleport.

The motion controllers, visualized as spheres, can push the blobby vegetation around.

To install the VR Islands level

  1. Download the package at Lumberyard Downloads and extract it in your Lumberyard directory. For example, \Lumberyard\1.x.0.0

  2. Open the Lumberyard Setup Assistant. On the Summary page, click Project Configurator.


    To ensure that the VR Islands level launches, you must use Lumberyard Setup Assistant to open the Project Configurator. Lumberyard Setup Assistant copies required SDKs from the 3rdParty directory into the \dev\VirtualRealityProject directory.

  3. In the Project Configurator, select VirtualRealityProject.

  4. Click Set as default. Close the Project Configurator.

  5. Open Lumberyard Setup Assistant. On the Summary page, click Launch editor.

  6. Open the level named VR_Islands_Sample.

Sample images from the VR Islands level: