Legacy Sample Project (GameSDK) - Lumberyard User Guide

Legacy Sample Project (GameSDK)

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

Lumberyard provides a package named Legacy Game Sample that demonstrates how to use Lumberyard features such as CryAction and CryAISystem. The fully functional game implements the necessary pieces that allow a game to communicate with some of Lumberyard's low-level systems. If you are familiar with CryEngine, the legacy game sample is a repurposed version of the GameSDK project.

You can use the legacy game sample to evaluate changes you make to the engine core and ensure your changes do not have unintended side effects. The legacy game sample is intended to be used as a reference for how to communicate with various systems of the Lumberyard engine. We do not recommend using the legacy game sample as the starting point of a new game.


The legacy game sample is Windows only and is not supported on console or mobile devices. This sample is compatible with Lumberyard 1.9 and earlier.

To download and access GameSDK

  1. Download the GameSDK.zip package at Lumberyard Previous Versions and extract it in your Lumberyard directory. For example, \lumberyard\1.x.0.0.

  2. Open Lumberyard Setup Assistant and on the Summary page, click Project Configurator.


    To ensure that the GameSDK project launches, you must use Lumberyard Setup Assistant to open the Project Configurator. Lumberyard Setup Assistant copies required SDKs from the 3rdParty directory into the dev\GameSDK directory.

  3. In the Project Configurator, select GameSDK.

  4. Click Set as default and then close the Project Configurator.

  5. Rebuild the GameSDK project.

  6. Open Lumberyard Setup Assistant. On the Summary page, click Launch editor.


Audiokinetic Wave Works Interactive Sound Engine (Wwise) version 2014.1.14 or later is required to access audio for this project.