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Samples Project

This topic references tools and features that are legacy. If you want to use legacy tools in Lumberyard Editor, disable the CryEntity Removal gem using the Project Configurator or the command line. To learn more about legacy features, see the Lumberyard Legacy Reference.
Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog, O3DE Discord, or O3DE GitHub to learn more. The Lumberyard forums have been deprecated. You may view past forum discussions in the archive.

The Samples Project includes two collections of sample levels and code that demonstrates how to use various Lumberyard features.

The Samples Project's level files are located in the lumberyard_version\dev\SamplesProject\Levels directory.

The Samples subdirectory contains the following levels:

The UI subdirectory contains the following levels:

Audio Sample

This sample demonstrates how to use the Audio Trigger and Audio Rtpc components with Lua scripts to associate sounds of a door opening and closing.

This example is fully annotated within the Lua script of the level file. The following sounds are associated:

  • Sounds

    • Door open

    • Door creak

    • Door creak stop

    • Door slam

  • Rtpc

    • Creak volume

    • Creak pitch

To play the example, do the following:

  • Press W/S to swing the door.

  • Press Q to open the door.

  • Press E to open the door.

  • Press the spacebar to open or close the door.

To see the Lua script, select the Door entity (a child of DoorTest) and then click the { } button next to the script property to open the Lua IDE.

For more information about audio, setting up sounds and using Wwise LTX, see Adding Audio and Sound Effects.