User Guide (Version 1.21)

Using Lumberyard Sample Projects and Levels

Lumberyard provides a variety of sample projects, levels, and assets, which are located in the \lumberyard_version\dev directory.

Use the Project Configurator to set or change your default project. For more information, see Creating Lumberyard Game Projects.

Samples Project

The Samples Project includes many sample levels that demonstrate various Lumberyard features, such as the Fur Shader, Rin Locomotion, UI samples, and more. For a complete list and descriptions of levels, see Samples Project.

Starter Game

The Starter Game project contains the following:.

Starter Game

Demonstrates how Lumberyard systems work together to make a game. The systems and features include the component entity system, bipedal locomotion, voxel-based global illumination, and the time of day system.

Getting Started Guide

Contains 12 prebuilt level files, with each successive level building on the previous level. Use these levels with the Amazon Lumberyard Getting Started Guide to learn the basics of game making in Lumberyard. You can use these levels to skip over parts of the tutorial or to verify your work as you step through the tutorial. The levels also show the completed experience as it should behave based on the tutorial.

Multiplayer Sample

You can use the Multiplayer Sample game to test the Lumberyard GridMate networking features.

In-App Purchases

The In-App Purchases sample demonstrates how to use the In-App Purchases (IAP) gem for a Lumberyard application that runs on a mobile device.

Cloud Gem Samples Project

The Cloud Gem Samples Project has cloud gems that you can use to add cloud-connected functionality to your game.

For more information, see Cloud Gems.

Virtual Reality Project Sample

The Virtual Reality Project sample is a template that you can use to build VR applications for any supported device. You can download this content separately.

Legacy Sample Projects

The following sample projects and assets are available as a separate download from the Lumberyard Legacy Downloads page.