Script Canvas Basic Sample - Lumberyard User Guide

Script Canvas Basic Sample

The Script Canvas Basic Sample contains a collection of five Script Canvas scripts that demonstrate the following gameplay functions:

  • Basic player controller

  • Ballistic projectile

  • Door that opens based on a trigger volume

  • Light that toggles based on a trigger volume

  • Flickering light

            Use the Script Canvas Basic Sample level to get started with gameplay

To see the Script Canvas graphs

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Script Canvas.

  2. In the Script Canvas editor, choose File, Open.

  3. Navigate to the lumberyard_version\dev\SamplesProject\Levels\Samples\ScriptCanvas_Sample\ScriptCanvas_Basic_Sample\ScriptCanvas directory.

  4. Open one of the Script Canvas scripts:

    • doortriggerarea.scriptcanvas

    • flickerlight.scriptcanvas

    • lumbertankcontrols.scriptcanvas

    • projectile.scriptcanvas

    • togglelight.scriptcanvas

To play the game

Do the following:

  • To start the level, press Ctrl+G.

  • To control the tank, do the following:

    • To move forward and backward, press the W and S keys, respectively.

    • To turn left and right, press the A and D keys, respectively.

    • To control the camera, move the mouse pointer.

    • To fire the tank's gun, use the left mouse button.

  • To open the door, drive up to it or shoot it.

  • To turn off the light, drive up to the light.

  • To turn the light on, drive away from the light.

  • To exit the level, press Esc.

For more information about working with Script Canvas graphs, see Creating Gameplay with Script Canvas.