Adding Bookmarks for Script Canvas - Lumberyard User Guide

Adding Bookmarks for Script Canvas

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A bookmark is a shortcut that you can add to a specific location on your Script Canvas graph. You can then use keyboard shortcuts to move quickly to that location. For example, you may have a complex script for a massive character controller that includes sections for movement, camera, and each attack. You can add a bookmark to each section and then press the keyboard shortcut to move the graph view to the specified section.

            Simple Script Canvas script with bookmarks added to various nodes.

To add a bookmark

  1. In your script, navigate to the node or view that you want.

  2. Press Ctrl+1 (or 2 to 9) to add a bookmark. A colored icon appears on the script.

To snap the graph view to a bookmark

  • Press 1 to 9 to snap the graph view to the bookmarked location.

To manage your bookmarks

  1. In the Script Canvas editor, choose View, Bookmarks.

  2. In the Bookmarks window, you can do the following:

    • Search for the bookmark name.

    • Double-click a bookmark and then enter a new name.

    • Click Create to add a bookmark at your current location.

    • Select a bookmark and then click Delete to remove it.

    • Assign up to nine keyboard shortcuts for your bookmarks. To move to a bookmark that does not have an assigned keyboard shortcut, click the bookmark in the Bookmarks pane.

    • Double-click a shortcut and then select a new number.


    If you specify a number for a shortcut that a previous shortcut already uses (for example, 5), a dialog box appears. If you want to replace the previous shortcut, click Yes.