User Guide (Version 1.17)

Script Canvas Editor Interface

You can open the Script Canvas editor from Lumberyard Editor.

To open the Script Canvas editor

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Script Canvas.

  2. Choose File, New Script or drag a node from the Node Palette and drop it on the canvas.

                Use the Script Canvas editor in Lumberyard to create
                    connections for nodes.

In the Script Canvas editor, you can do the following:

  1. Use the menu bar to do the following:

    • Create, save, and open your scripts.

    • Cut, copy, or undo actions.

    • Change the Script Canvas editor view.

  2. Use the tabs to switch between scripts.

  3. In the Node Palette, you can search for nodes.

  4. You can drag a node from the Node Palette to the canvas or right-click the canvas for the menu to appear.

  5. On a node, you can specify values for the parameters.

  6. Drag to connect the input pin of a node to an output pin of another node. This line creates a connection between the nodes.

  7. In the Variable Manager, you can create new variables and set default values for certain variable types.

  8. In the Node Inspector, you can view and modify node properties.