User Guide (Version 1.17)

Other Script Canvas Menus and Tools

Script Canvas editor has additional menus and tools.


The preview release of Script Canvas doesn't include a debugger tool.

File menu

The File menu offers basic script management. From the File menu, you can create a script, open a script, open a recently edited script, save a script, and close the Script Canvas editor.

You can open multiple scripts at once. Each opened script is tabbed to the script panel. From this tab, you can rearrange the tab order and close an opened tab.

Node Outliner

View and search for nodes in the script. You can select a node in the outliner, which then selects the node in the script. Double-click the node in the Node Outliner centers the view to that specific node.

Node Inspector

Shows the properties for the selected node. You can specify the entities and values for the node.

Variable Manager

Shows the variables that are used in the script. From the Variable Manager, you can add or delete variables, and set the default value for a variable. You can also drag a variable into the script to create get or set nodes. This allows you to read and change the variable value in the script.


View and modify your saved bookmarks. You can use bookmarks to save locations on your script and then use keyboard shortcuts to move to that location. For more information, see Adding Bookmarks for Script Canvas.