Set Input Vector2 - Lumberyard User Guide

Set Input Vector2

Sets the value of an input parameter as a Vector2. Use this node with the Float2 and Integer2 substance data types.

If the input parameter is an integer type, the numbers that you specify are rounded down to the nearest integer value. For example, a value of 4.7 resolves to 4.


You can use this node with all substance data types: Float1 through Float4 and Integer1 through Integer4. However, if the input parameter has fewer dimensions, the extra dimensions are ignored. If the input parameter has more dimensions, they are assigned a value of 0.


                SetInputVector2 sets the Vector2 value for a procedural material input


Pin Type Description
In Event Triggers the node.
Procedural Material Procedural material The procedural material to modify.
Input Name String The name of the input parameter to set.
Vector2 Vector2 The new value to apply.


Pin Type Description
Out Event Sends when the node is finished.