Set Time - Lumberyard User Guide

Set Time

Sets a time value for the time of day system. Time values are specified as decimal numbers from 0.0 to 24.0. For example, a value of 13.75 is 1:45 P.M. A value of 0.0 or 24.0 is 12:00 A.M. Once the time of day is set, the time of day continues as specified by the speed setting.


                settimenode, settime, settimeofdaynode, settimeofday


Pin Type Description
In Event Triggers the node.
Time Number

Time of day in hours.

Default value: 0

Valid values: 0.0 to 24.0

Force Update Boolean

If true, the entire sky updates immediately in the current frame; otherwise, the sky is rendered across several frames.

Default value: False


Pin Type Description
Out Event Sends when the node is finished.