Fur Console Variables - Lumberyard User Guide

Fur Console Variables

Console Variable Name Value Range Description
r_Fur [0,2] Specifies how fur draws:
  • 0: Fur does not draw; appears similar to Illum

  • 1: Transparent alpha blended passes

  • 2: Opaque alpha tested passes

r_FurDebug [0,8] Toggles various visual debug information for fur rendering:
  • 1: Base/tip sample validity (red = base valid; green = tip valid; yellow = both valid)

  • 2: Base/tip selection (red = base chosen; green = tip chosen)

  • 3: Show offscreen UVs for base deferred sample (gray = onscreen)

  • 4: Show offscreen UVs for tip deferred sample (gray = onscreen)

  • 5: Show final lighting with all base lighting selected

  • 6: Show final lighting with all tip lighting selected

  • 7: Visualize fur length scaling

  • 8: Visualize fur animation bending velocity

r_FurDebugOneShell [0, ∞ ) If the specified shell number exists, draws only that shell, for additional debugging of fur rendering.
r_FurFinPass [0,1] Toggles the drawing of an opaque alpha tested silhouette fin pass for fur rendering.
r_FurFinShadowPass [0,1] Toggles the drawing of alpha tested silhouette fins in shadow passes.
r_FurMaxViewDist [0.0, ∞ ) Specifies the maximum distance for fur shells to be drawn.
r_FurMovementBendingBias [0.0, 1.0] Specifies motion bending bias for fur. A value closer to 0 causes fur motion bending to be more pronounced.
r_FurShellPassCount [0, ∞ ) Maximum number of fur shell passes to draw for each object.
r_FurShowBending [0, 1] When enabled, draws debug lines visualizing the normals and fur combing vectors on a mesh.