User Guide (Version 1.21)

VolumeObject Shader

Use Amazon Lumberyard's VolumeObject shader to render volumetric clouds with realistic shading and self-shadowing effects.

In addition to the shader parameters, the Time of Day Editor's Cloud Shading parameters also can affect VolumeObject rendering. To disable this feature, deselect Use TOD Settings in the Shader Generation Parameters.

Shader Parameters

Global Density

Defines how dense the clouds appear.

Default value: 1

Shader Generation Parameters

Soft Intersections

Enhances transparency with opaque scene geometry. Use this parameter sparingly due to increased pixel shading cost.

Back Lighting

Enables back lighting of volume objects. The silhouette slightly glows when viewed against the sun.


Enables jittering on volume objects.

Soft Jittering

Softens the jittering effect on volume objects.

Use TOD Settings

Enables time of day (TOD) settings.