User Guide (Version 1.15)

Adding Cascaded Sun Shadows

You can create multiple cascaded shadow maps for your level, which controls how sun shadows look at varying distances. The higher the cascade, the further it is away from the camera (cascade 0 is closest to the camera) and the lower the resolution of the shadows.

To create cascaded sun shadows

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Other, Time Of Day.

  2. In the Time of Day Tasks pane, under Tasks, click Toggle Advanced Properties to view all parameters.

  3. In the Parameters pane, under Shadows, adjust the following parameters as needed for each shadow cascade:

    • Cascade number Bias – Specifies the distance of the shadow connection from the shadow-casting object. For a more realistic effect, set the value between 0.01 and 0.05.

    • Cascade number Slope Bias – Specifies the slope gradient for the shadows. Higher values reduce shadows that are cast from an object with a high light angle. For a more realistic effect, set the value between 32 and 64. Slope bias has little to no impact on performance.

    • Shadow Jittering – Sets the softness of all cascaded sun shadows. Higher values may impact performance.