Setting Heightmap Properties - Lumberyard User Guide

Setting Heightmap Properties

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog, O3DE Discord, or O3DE GitHub to learn more. The Lumberyard forums have been deprecated. You may view past forum discussions in the archive.

You can use the Terrain Editor to set various heightmap properties and parameters that affect the shape of the terrain profile.

To set heightmap properties

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, click Game, Terrain, Edit Terrain.

  2. In Terrain Editor, click Modify, and then click and adjust the various following properties and parameters:

    Make Isle

    Sinks the heightmap so that it is surrounded by ocean.

    Remove Ocean

    Sets the ocean level to –100000 meters.

    Set Ocean Height

    Sets the ocean level in meters.

    Set Terrain Max Height

    Sets the maximum height for the tallest mountain. (Default is 1024 meters).

    Set Unit Size

    Sets the meters per texel size of the heightmap.


    Flattens terrain to either a higher or lower point.


    Removes all hard edges from the heightmap.

    Smooth Slope

    Removes hard edges from steep areas of the heightmap.

    Smooth Beaches/Coast

    Removes hard edges from flat areas of the heightmap.


    Ensures the entire greyscale spectrum is used between the Max Height value and zero.

    Reduce Range (Light)

    Makes heightmap mountains smaller.

    Reduce Range (Heavy)

    Makes heightmap mountains small.

    Erase Terrain

    Deletes all heightmap data.

    Resize Terrain

    Resizes the terrain heightmap.

    Invert Terrain

    Inverts all grayscale data, changing black to white and vice versa.