Creating High Quality Terrain - Lumberyard User Guide

Creating High Quality Terrain

After you create a level, you can refine your terrain to use 2k height and 16k color.

To refine your terrain to a 2k world with 16k color

  1. In your Lumberyard Editor level, choose Game, Terrain, Refine Terrain Texture Tiles.

  2. In the dialog box, click Yes and in the next dialog, click OK.

  3. Save your level.

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3.

  5. Choose Game, Terrain, Export/Import Megaterrain Texture.

  6. In the Export/Import Megaterrain Texture tool, click and drag to select all of the tiles.

  7. Click Change tile resolution, select 2048x2048, and then click OK.

    Your result should look like the following. You can now import and export high quality textures.

                    Terrain texture that has been refined to a resolution of 16384x16384 with a 2k tile resolution.

    You can verify that your texture is in 16k color. Export and then open the texture file in a DCC such as Photoshop.