User Guide (Version 1.21)

Terrain Brush Parameters

A number of settings apply to multiple terrain brushes. Use the following parameters to adjust the rise/lower, smooth, and flatten brushes.

Outside Radius

The outer edge of the area of the terrain brush effect.

Sync Radius for All Types

Select to set the same outer radius value across the flatten, smooth, and rise/lower brushes.

Inside Radius

The inner edge of the area of the terrain brush effect. Within this radius the effect of the brush is at its maximum.


Controls the shape of the fall-off curve between the inner and outer radius of the brush.


For the rise/lower and flatten brushes, the incremental amount the terrain is be raised/lowered or flattened with each click in the terrain level.

Enable Noise

Select to add random terrain variances to the brush.


Controls the strength of the noise effect.


How often the noise effect is applied.

Reposition Objects

Select to realign objects with the modified terrain. Objects remain on top.

Reposition Vegetation

Select to realign vegetation with the modified terrain. Vegetation remains on top.