User Guide (Version 1.21)

Creating Landforms and Topography

You can add realistic mountains, hills, valleys, and other landforms to your terrain in your environment level. The primary method for creating interesting terrain features and landforms involves the following brushes:

  • Rise/Lower brush – Increases and decreases the local terrain height to quickly create hills, valleys, and river beds, for example.

  • Flatten brush – Flattens the terrain at a specified height and diameter. Use the Pick Height feature to select a height from which to begin flattening.

  • Smooth brush – Smooths over sharp gradients in the terrain.

  • Holes brush – Used to make holes in the terrain for creating areas beneath or inside the terrain such as caves.

You can also use the Terrain Editor to modify the terrain heightmap, although this method is not as accurate and does not give you the control you get from working directly in the viewport in Lumberyard Editor. For more information, see Setting Heightmap Properties.