User Guide (Version 1.21)

Creating Rivers

You can add realistic rivers, complete with waterfalls, to your terrain in your environment level.

The following are best practices and guidelines to keep in mind when creating rivers.

  • Rivers are 2D objects, which means rivers cannot be made to flow down steep inclines. However, to make a river flow down gentle inclines, you can rotate the river along the z-axis slightly (Z=0.5 to 1.0).

  • To create rivers that appear to flow down steep inclines, create multiple rivers and connect them with waterfalls.

  • The more points you place for the river geometry, the more control you have for direction and curvature.

  • The wider the river, the further apart the points should be to avoid clipping at sharp corners.

  • For more realism, paint the bottom of the river a different texture and add vegetation.

  • For more realism, add particle effects.

For information on the river entity see River Entity.