Importing Splat Maps - Lumberyard User Guide

Importing Splat Maps

Splat maps are 8-bit monochrome bitmap .bmp files that contain weight information for each vertex in a terrain map. Splat maps are generated using a DCC tool such as World Machine's Splat Converter.

All splat map operations in Lumberyard are done using the Terrain Texture Layers editor.

To import splat maps

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Other, Terrain Texture Layers.

  2. In the Terrain Texture Layers editor, under Layer Tasks, assign each splat map to a texture layer by clicking a layer and then clicking Assign Splat Map.

  3. When prompted, select a .bmp file. You don't need to assign a splat map path to a layer, but you can't assign more than one path either.

  4. Under Layer Tasks, click Import Splat Maps. This clears the current weight map for the terrain and then rebuilds it using the selected splat maps.

  5. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Game, Terrain, Generate Terrain Texture.


You cannot apply masking to an imported splat map.