User Guide (Version 1.18)

Engaging Broadcasters and Viewers on Twitch

Lumberyard is integrated with Twitch so that you can build games that engage with broadcasters and viewers on Twitch.

Twitch ChatPlay

The Twitch ChatPlay feature within Lumberyard helps you build gameplay that interacts in real time with Twitch viewers. For example, you can build a game where viewers can vote on game outcomes, gift power-ups to their favorite players, or change the level based on the number of viewers watching the player.

Twitch JoinIn

The Twitch JoinIn feature within Lumberyard helps you build multiplayer games that allow Twitch broadcasters to invite fans to join them side by side in the game. Once invited, a fan can jump into the broadcaster's game with a single click in the Twitch chat channel, while others continue to watch.

Twitch API

TwitchAPI is a Twitch-specific implementation of the BroadcastAPI interface that allows you to make calls to Twitch's REST API from within Lumberyard.

Twitch C++ API

The Twitch C++ API operations allow you to make calls on the TwitchRequestBus and return a unique ReceiptID object.

Twitch ChatPlay Lua

The Lua scripting functions allow you to add Twitch ChatPlay features to your game project.