User Guide (Version 1.18)

Other Components

You can add either or both of the fader and mask components to an element.


You can use a Fader component to simultaneously adjust the transparency of an element and its children.

To see in-game examples of completed canvases with a Fader component

  1. Open the Samples Project.

  2. When Lumberyard Editor has started, choose File, Open and open the UiFeatures level.

  3. Press Ctrl+G to play the game.

  4. Choose Components, Other Components, Fader. You can view an example of a direct fade and an animated fade.

  5. Press Esc to exit the game.

To view these same canvases in the UI Editor

  • Navigate to the \Gems\LyShineExamples\Assets\UI\Canvases\LyShineExamples\Comp\Fader directory.

You can open the following canvases:

  • AnimFade.uicanvas

  • DirectFade.uicanvas

To edit a fader component

  1. In the Properties pane of the UI Editor, expand Fader.

  2. For the Fade multiplier, use the slider to select a number between 0 (invisible) and 1 (opaque) and press Enter.

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