Modifying the Transform - Lumberyard User Guide

Modifying the Transform

When you move the manipulator to another location in the viewport, you can modify the scale, rotation, or translation of the entity. This feature makes it easier for you to manage your entities.

To modify the transform

  1. In the viewport, select an entity. The manipulator appears.

  2. Click and drag the manipulator to transform the selected entity.

  3. Press and hold Ctrl, and click and drag the manipulator to another location.

  4. Use the manipulator again to adjust the scale, rotation, or translation of the entity.


    In the following example, the manipulator is moved away from the car, switches to rotate mode, and rotates the car.

                            Move and rotate an entity using a manipulator in Lumberyard.

    The following are shortcuts to switch between the different manipulator modes.

    Shortcut Description

    Press 1.

    Switches to translation mode.

    Press 2.

    Switches to rotate mode.

    Press 3.

    Switches to scale mode.

    Press and hold Ctrl, then scroll the middle mouse button.

    Switches between translation and rotation modes.

    Press and hold Ctrl, move the mouse to a target location, then press the middle mouse button.

    Moves the manipulator to the location that you specified in the viewport.