Launching the Game Project - Lumberyard User Guide

Launching the Game Project

Building your game project produces an .exe file in Lumberyard's file system.

To launch your project, open the executable file. The directory and file name are named according to the following conventions:

/dev/ mode/executable name.exe


  • compiler

    • vc141 – Visual Studio 2017.

    • vc142 – Visual Studio 2019.

  • build mode

    • Debug – Built in debug mode.

    • (None) – Built in profile mode.

    • Performance – Built in performance mode.

    • Release – Built in release mode.

  • executable name – The executable_name specified in your project.json file. The file name typically mirrors the project name.

For example, if your project was configured with the following:

  • Compiler: Visual Studio 2017

  • Build mode: debug

  • Executable name: SampleProjectLauncher

Then your directory and file name would be the following:

  • lumberyard_version/dev/Bin64vc141.Debug/SampleProjectLauncher.exe