Personally Identifiable Information - Amazon Macie Classic

This is the user guide for Amazon Macie Classic. For information about the new Amazon Macie, see the Amazon Macie User Guide. To access the Macie Classic console, open the Macie console at, and then choose Macie Classic in the navigation pane.

Personally Identifiable Information

Object classification by personally identifiable information (PII) is based on recognizing any personally identifiable artifacts based on industry standards such as NIST-80-122 and FIPS 199. Macie Classic can recognize the following PII artifacts:

  • Full names

  • Mailing addresses

  • Email addresses

  • Credit card numbers

  • IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6)

  • Drivers license IDs (USA)

  • National identification numbers (USA)

  • Birth dates

As part of PII object classification, Macie Classic also assigns each matching object a PII impact of high, moderate, and low using the following criteria:

  • High

    • >= 1 full name and credit card

    • >= 50 names or emails and any combination of other PII

  • Moderate

    • >= 5 names or emails and any combination of other PII

  • Low

    • 1–5 names or emails and any combination of PII

    • Any quantity of PII attributes above (without names or emails)