Work with Hyperledger Fabric - Amazon Managed Blockchain

Work with Hyperledger Fabric

You access services and applications in the Managed Blockchain network from a blockchain framework client. The framework client runs tools and applications that you install for the blockchain framework version that you run on the Managed Blockchain network.

The client accesses Managed Blockchain network resource endpoints using an interface VPC endpoint that you set up in your account. For more information, see Create an Interface VPC Endpoint to Connect to Managed Blockchain Network Resources. The client must have access to the interface VPC endpoint.

You can get the endpoints that networks, members, and clients make available using the AWS Management Console, or using get commands and actions with the AWS CLI or Managed Blockchain SDK. The available endpoints depend on the blockchain framework and may vary from client to client.

An AWS CloudFormation template to create a Hyperledger Fabric client is available in amazon-managed-blockchain-client-templates repository on Github. For more information, see the in that repository. For more information about using AWS CloudFormation, see Getting Started in the AWS CloudFormation User Guide.