Use Peer Node Metrics - Amazon Managed Blockchain

Use Peer Node Metrics

You can use peer node metrics to track the activity and health of peer nodes that belong to your Amazon Managed Blockchain member. You can use the Managed Blockchain console to view the metrics for a peer node. Managed Blockchain also reports metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. You can use CloudWatch to set up dashboards, receive alarms, and view log files for peer node metrics. For more information, see Using Amazon CloudWatch Metrics in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

In addition to using peer node metrics, you optionally can enable CloudWatch Logs for peer nodes and for instances of chaincode running on a peer node to view Peer node logs and Chaincode logs. These logs are useful for troubleshooting and analysis of chaincode activity. For more information, see Monitoring Blockchain Activity Using CloudWatch Logs.

Managed Blockchain collects the following metrics for each peer node in the aws/managedblockchain namespace. Available metrics in Managed Blockchain correspond to Hyperledger Fabric metrics.

Metric name Description
Fabric metrics


The number of chaincode executions (Init or Invoke) that have timed out.

Units: Count


For each proposal, the time to complete the proposal.

Units: Seconds


The number of proposals that have failed initial validation.

Units: Count


The number of proposals received.

Units: Count


The number of successful proposals.

Units: Count


The number of transactions that a peer node receives per minute.

Units: Count

Utilization metrics


The percentage of total CPU capacity used on the peer node's Managed Blockchain instance at any given instant.

Units: Percent


The percentage of total available memory used on the peer node's Managed Blockchain instance at any given instant.

Units: Percent

Viewing Peer Node Metrics

You can use the Amazon Managed Blockchain console to view graphs for peer node metrics. Metrics are available on the peer node details page.

To view metrics using the Managed Blockchain console

  1. Open the Managed Blockchain console at

  2. Under Network, choose the Name of the network.

  3. Choose Members. Under Members owned by you, choose the Name of the member to which the node belongs.

  4. Under Peer Nodes, choose the Node ID you want to view.

    Under Metrics, tabs for Channel Metrics and Utilization Metrics are available.

  5. For Channel Metrics, choose the channels you want to view or compare from the list.

  6. Choose a chart and then use Statistics, Time Range, and Period to customize the chart.

                             Customizing a metrics chart in Managed Blockchain.