AMS Accelerate console access - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

AMS Accelerate console access

When you onboard with AMS Accelerate, you automatically have access to the AMS Accelerate console. The console gives you a summarized view into the services you have with AMS Accelerate. This view includes individual components presented on the dashboard and the configuration pages. You can choose which components your different IAM roles have access to by defining an appropriate IAM policy. The following JSON document shows an example of the permissions you can assign to a role. In addition to these, you can also assign 'Describe', 'List', 'Get*' permissions for all listed services to use their native consoles.

{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid": "AmsMaciePermissions", "Action": [ "macie2:GetFindingStatistics" ], "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": "*" }, { "Sid": "AmsGuardDutyPermissions", "Action": [ "guardduty:GetFindingsStatistics", "guardduty:ListDetectors" ], "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": "*" }, { "Sid": "AmsSupportPermissions", "Action": "support:*", "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": "*" }, { "Sid": "AmsConfigPermissions", "Action": [ "config:GetComplianceSummaryByConfigRule", "config:GetComplianceSummaryByResourceType" ], "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": "*" }, { "Sid": "AmsAppConfigPermissions", "Action": [ "appconfig:CreateHostedConfigurationVersion", "appconfig:GetConfiguration", "appconfig:GetDeployment", "appconfig:ListApplications", "appconfig:ListConfigurationProfiles", "appconfig:ListDeploymentStrategies", "appconfig:ListDeployments", "appconfig:ListEnvironments", "appconfig:ListHostedConfigurationVersions", "appconfig:StartDeployment", "appconfig:ValidateConfiguration" ], "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": "*" }, { "Sid": "AmsCloudFormationStacksPermissions", "Action": [ "cloudformation:DescribeStacks", ], "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": "*" } ] }

Access roles are controlled by internal group membership, to learn more, including the IAM roles that AMS uses, see Identity and Access Management.