AWS Backup monitoring and job failure remediation in AMS Accelerate - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

AWS Backup monitoring and job failure remediation in AMS Accelerate

Managing AWS Backup in AMS Accelerate includes remediating failed backup jobs and reporting backup jobs.

When backup jobs fail, AMS Accelerate Operations is alerted and follows AWS best practices to complete your backup job. After AMS Accelerate Operations has triaged the issue, they alert your account point-of-contact about the failed backup job. The following steps occur when a backup job failure is detected in AMS Accelerate:

  1. AWS Backup job failure:

    1. AMS Operations is notified of backup job failure, if the failure occurs in an AMS Accelerate-managed AWS Region.

    2. An AMS Operations engineer accesses the account and investigates the cause of the failure. If the backup job failed due to an anomaly, then the engineer escalates the ticket to the AWS Backup service team.

    3. After identifying the root cause, the engineer notifies your account's primary contact. The notification includes the root cause, backup job ID, and resource ID.

  2. AWS Backup job expiration:

    1. If a backup job fails due to expiration, then the engineer retries the backup job using an on-demand backup job.

    2. The engineer provides a notification, including the root cause, resource ID, backup job ID, and suggestion for mitigating the issue.

  3. Amazon RDS backup job failures:

    1. The AMS Operations engineer conducts a root cause analysis on the backup failure.

    2. The AMS Operations engineer then notifies your account's point-of-contact of the root cause, backup job ID, resource ID, and suggested mitigation measures.


Support tickets for any AWS Backup-related issues can be submitted through the AWS Support console. To report backup incidents or issues to AMS Accelerate, submit an incident in the AWS Support console and choose 'Service':'AWS Managed Services' and 'Category': 'AWS Backup'.