Instance-level onboarding - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Instance-level onboarding

During the instance-level onboarding stage, AMS works with you to configure your EC2 instances and enable baseline monitoring.

You need to install the AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) on all of the EC2 instances you want AMS to manage. The SSM Agent makes it possible for AMS and Systems Manager to update, manage, and configure EC2 instances. For details on how to install SSM Agents on EC2 instances, see Working with SSM Agent.

Once the EC2 instances have the SSM Agent installed and in a managed state, AMS needs to implement Automated Instance Configuration on your EC2 instances to start recording Operating System logs and metrics, enabling remote access for AMS engineers, and executing remote commands on the instance; which are essential for our Monitoring, Patch, and Log services and to enable remote access to AMS Operations for management and incident response. For details on setting up automated instance configuration, see Automated instance configuration in AMS Accelerate.

To complete the deployment, you must tag the instances. Options for tagging are provided in detail in Tag management in AMS Accelerate.

After AMS completes the deployment, you are able to: