Operations Configuration - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Operations Configuration

The Operations Configuration is the last onboarding stage. In this stage, you tailor the AMS services to your needs. You can either self-service the configuration of the services described below or request help from AMS to configure each service based on your inputs. If you need help from AMS, create a service request and provide all the required inputs to complete the task; remeber that service requests are not resolved immediately.

Be sure to perform the following actions for each account:

After you complete the mentioned actions, confirm with your CSDM that you're satisfied with the configuration of the account and you want to conclude the onboarding process. Make sure to share with your CSDM your account-level contact email and contact tag name at the resource level. You can continue adding and changing the configuration mentioned previously at any point.

For information on reports, see Reporting in AMS.