Default patch cycle - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Default patch cycle

AMS Accelerate provides you with a default patch cycle when you onboard to patching. A default resource state manager is deployed into your account with the name AmsDefaultPatchCycle. It targets all the instances in your account with the tagAmsDefaultPatchKey and the value True.

You can update the cron on this state manager to enable the default patch cycle. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the SSM console, go to State Manager under Instances and Nodes on the left pane.

  2. Choose AmsDefaultPatchCycle, then Edit on the top right, and then scroll down to Specify schedule and update the cron. Choose Save Changes.


    Choosing Save Changes immediately triggers patching on the targeted instances. To enable the patch to run only during the cron schedule, and not immediately, select the checkbox Apply association only at the next specified cron interval under Specify schedule and then choose Save Changes.

  3. You can also update the default patch tag key value for this default patch cycle:

    • In the SSM console, on the left navigation, under Instances and Nodes, go to State Manager.

    • Choose the AmsDefaultPatchCycle, then Edit on top right. Scroll down to Targets and update the tag key value, then choose Save Changes


Do not delete the default patch cycle state manager.