Using Resource Tagger to create tags - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Using Resource Tagger to create tags

The AMS Accelerate Resource Tagger is a component that is deployed in your account during AMS Accelerate onboarding. Resource Tagger has a configurable set of rules that define how your resources should be tagged, then it enforces those rules, automatically adding and removing tags on resources to ensure they comply with your rules.

If you want to use the Resource Tagger to tag your resources, see Resource Tagger.

The following is an example Resource Tagger configuration snippet that adds the tag ams:rt:ams-managed with the value true to all Amazon EC2 instances. The ams:rt:ams-managed tag opts you in to having your resources monitored by AMS Accelerate.

{ "AWS::EC2::Instance": { "SampleConfigurationBlock": { "Enabled": true, "Filter": { "Platform": "*" }, "Tags": [ { "Key": "ams:rt:ams-managed", "Value": "true" } ] } } }