Automated instance configuration setup - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Automated instance configuration setup

Assuming the prerequisites have been met, adding a specific Amazon EC2 instance tag automatically initiates the AMS Accelerate automated instance configuration. Use one of the following methods to add this tag:

  1. (Strongly recommended) Use the AMS Accelerate Resource Tagger

    To configure the tagging logic for your account, see How tagging works. After tagging is complete, tags and automated instance configuration are handled automatically.

  2. Manually add tags

    Manually add the following tag to the Amazon EC2 instances:

    Key:ams:rt:ams-managed, Value:true.


The instance configuration service attempts to apply the required AMS configurations once the ams:rt:ams-managed tag is applied to the instance. The service asserts the AMS required configurations whenever an instance is started, and when a the AMS daily configuration check occurs.