Instance details summary (Patch Orchestrator) - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Instance details summary (Patch Orchestrator)

This is an informational report that helps identify all the instances onboarded to Patch Orchestrator (PO), account status, instance details, maintenance window coverage, maintenance window execution time, stack details, and platform type.

This dataset provides:

  • Insights into Production and Non-Production instances of an account. Production and Non-Production stage is derived from the account name and not from the instance tags.

  • Insights into distribution of instances by platform type. The 'N/A' platform type is when AWS Systems Manager (SSM) is not able to get the platform information.

  • Insights into distribution of state of instances, number of instances running, stopped, or terminating.

Console Field Name Dataset Field Name Definition
Report Datetime dataset_datetime The date and time the report was generated.
Account Id aws_account_id AWS Account ID to which the instance ID belongs
Account Name account_name AWS account name
Production Account prod_account Identifier of AMS prod, non-prod accounts, depending on whether account name include value 'PROD', 'NONPROD'.
Account Status account_status AMS account status
account_sla AMS account service commitment
Landing Zone malz_flag Flag for MALZ-related account
Account Type malz_role MALZ role
Access Restrictions access_restrictions Regions to which access is restricted
Instance Id instance_id ID of EC2 instance
Instance Name instance_name Name of EC2 instance
Instance Platform Type instance_platform_type Operating System (OS) type
Instance Platform Name instance_platform_name Operating System (OS) name
Stack Name instance_stack_name Name of stack that contains instance
Stack Type instance_stack_type AMS stack (AMS infrastructure within customer account) or Customer stack (AMS managed infrastructure that supports customer applications)
Auto Scaling Group Name instance_asg_name Name of Auto Scaling Group (ASG) that contains the instance
Instance Patch Group instance_patch_group Patch group name used to group instances together and apply the same maintenance window
Instance Patch Group Type instance_patch_group_type Patch group type
Instance State instance_state State within the EC2 instance lifecycle
Maintenance Window Coverage mw_covered_flag If an instance has at least one enabled maintenance window with a future execution date, then it’s considered covered, otherwise not covered
Maintenance Window Execution Datetime earliest_window_execution_time Next time the maintenance window is expected to execute