Access Examples - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

Access Examples

These examples show how to log in to an instance via a bastion once you have been granted access through an RFC. For details on getting access granted, see


An EC2 instance created through an Auto Scaling group will have an IP address that cycles in and out and you will have to use your EC2 console to find that IP address.


  • Bastion DNS friendly name or IP address: Use a DNS friendly name as described in DNS Friendly Bastion Names or find bastion IP addresses as described in Finding Bastion IP Addresses.

  • Username (for example and Password: Credentials for the account.

  • Stack IP address: Get this by looking at the AMS console Stacks page for the stack you want to log into and then filtering on that stack ID in the EC2 console for your account. For a single EC2 instance, you can also use the AMS SKMS command ListStackSummaries to find the stack ID and then GetStack to find the stack IP address.

Access the bastion IP address, either SSH or RDP, as appropriate, and log in using one of the following procedures.