How do I offboard a Multi-Account Landing Zone environment? - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

How do I offboard a Multi-Account Landing Zone environment?


You want to leave AMS, and close (terminate) your AMS AWS account completely (including the primary account that you provided).


  1. You communicate with your CSDMs or CAs and request offboarding via email or a service request.

  2. AMS works on offboarding your accounts.

  3. Your CSDM or CA sends you an outbound email containing further instructions; see How do I close my AWS account?

Prerequisites: Verify that you can access the account email used for account closures.

Offboarding Conclusions:

  • All components are disassociated from the AMS services, but are not yet deleted in all accounts. Account closure will eventually delete all resources.

  • Billing is not stopped until you request the account closures.

  • After the account is closed, you can still sign in and file a support case or contact AWS Support for 90 days.

  • After 90 days, any content remaining in the account is permanently deleted, and AWS services that aren't already terminated, are terminated.