Next Steps - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

Next Steps

Now that you've on boarded an AMS account, you'll want to read more AMS documentation. See these documents:

  • The tutorials for using the HA Two-Tier stack CT to create a fully-functioning WordPress stack, next, provides a full AMS experience.

  • AMS User Guide: The AMS User Guide describes AMS functionality, lists key terms, operations, interfaces and provides an overview of a typical AMS managed-infrastructure architecture. Additionally, access management details and AMS defaults are given. Also provided are detailed descriptions of how to use the AMS change management system and several walkthroughs are provided. Additional management concepts are described as well.

  • AMS API Reference: This API reference provides descriptions of all API calls, including request, response, and examples.

  • AMS Application Guide: The AMS Application Guide describes different options and methods for deploying and maintaining your applications in AMS.