AMS Single-account landing zone shared services - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

AMS Single-account landing zone shared services

Shared services subnets contain AMS Directory Services, the Management Host that automates provisioning and common tasks, antivirus (TrendMicro) management server, and internal bastion hosts:

  • AMS Directory Services = AD Domain Controller

    Creates an Active Directory in AMS accounts, creates the AMS domain, joins managed stacks to the domain on launch.

  • Management hosts = AMS Management Host (automate provisioning and common tasks)

    Act as an API endpoint to modify AWS Directory Service, interact with AWS Directory Service domain controllers.

  • Security services: Antivirus (TrendMicro) management server = EPS DSM + EPS Relay

    Leverages Trend Micro™ Deep Security software (DSM), operates in a client-server model and has a back-end database, includes Deep Security managers, agents, and relays.

  • Internal bastion hosts = Customer bastions

    Special purpose servers designed to be the primary access point from the Internet and act as a proxy to your other Amazon EC2 instances.

                The Shared Services Subnet includes an active directory, an internal bastion, a management host, an EPS DSM, an EPS relay, and a controller.