Tools account hygiene - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

Tools account hygiene

You'll want to clean up after you are done in the account have shared the AMI and no longer have a need for the replicated instances:

  • Post instance WIGs ingestion:

    • Cutover instance: At a minimum, stop or terminate this instance, after the work has been completed, via the AWS console

    • Pre-Ingestion AMI backups: Remove once the instance has been ingested and the on-premise instance terminated

    • AMS-ingested instances: Turn off the stack or terminate once the AMI has been shared

    • AMS-ingested AMIs: Delete once sharing with the destination account is completed

  • End of migration clean up: Document the resources deployed via DevMode to ensure clean-up happens on regular basis, for example:

    • Security groups

    • Resources created via Cloud-formation

    • Network ACK

    • Subnet

    • VPC

    • Route Table

    • Roles

    • User Accounts