VPC Tag and Defaults - AMS Advanced Onboarding Guide

VPC Tag and Defaults

The VPC Tag “EC2-Backup-Policy” is part of the VPC provisioning. The tag shares the value with the schedule for the backups within that VPC, and the retention policy of the volumes that belong to automated backup executions.

The taxonomy of the tag is similar to the following example:

By default, AMS uses a VPC Tag with the following values:

 "30 23 * * *:1|7|4|6|2|2"

Which means:

  • Schedule: Snapshot the entire VPC at 11:30pm UTC, every day of the month, every month, every day of the week

  • Retention: 1 backup a day stored (important to set if you do more than one backup a day), 7 daily backups stored, 4 weekly backups stored, 6 monthly backups stored, 2 semi-annual (every 6 months) backups stored, 2 yearly backups stored


By default, EC2 stack backups are disabled (Backup = False). You can enable EC2 instance backups at the time of creation by adding a tag Key: Backup, Value: True when requesting an EC2 stack through an RFC (CT ct-14027q0sjyt1h). If you want to add the tag after the instance has been created, submit an RFC with the Management | Other | Other | Update CT (ct-0xdawir96cy7k) and specify the instances that you want to have the backup tag added to.