Operations on Demand catalog of offerings - AMS Advanced User Guide

Operations on Demand catalog of offerings

Operations on Demand (OOD) offers you the services described in the following table.


For definitions of key terms refer to the AWS Managed Services documentation Key Terms.

The two AMS operations plan, AMS Advanced and AMS Accelerate, differ somewhat in their OOD offerings. To see the AMS Accelerate OOD offerings: Operations on Demand catalog of offerings.

Title Description Expected Outcomes
Amazon EKS Cluster Maintenance

AMS frees your container developers by handling the ongoing maintenance and health of your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) deployments. AMS performs the end-to-end procedures necessary to update a cluster addressing the components of control plane, add-ons, and nodes. AMS performs the updating to managed node types as well as a curated set of Amazon EKS and Kubernetes add-ons.

Customer teams assisted with the underlying operations work of updating Amazon EKS clusters.
Legacy OS Upgrade Avoid an instance migration by upgrading instances to a supported operating system version. We can perform an in-place upgrade on your selected instances leveraging automation and the upgrade capabilities of the software vendors (for example, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 to Microsoft Windows 2012 R2). This approach is ideal for legacy applications that cannot be easily re-installed on a new instance and provides additional protection from known and unmitigated security threats on older OS versions. Solution provided for applications that can no longer be re-installed on a new instance (for example, lost source code, ISV out of business, and so forth). Failed upgrades can be rolled back to their original state. From an operational perspective, this is preferred as it puts the instance in a more supportable state with the latest security patches.
Priority RFC Execution

Designated AMS operations engineer capacity to prioritize the execution of your requests for change (RFC). All submissions receive a higher level of response and priority order can be adjusted by interacting directly with engineers through an Amazon Chime meeting room.

Customers receive a response SLO of 8 hours for RFCs.