Discovery API - AWS Marketplace Catalog API

Discovery API

Using the AWS Marketplace Catalog API service gives you access to manage the products that you create as a seller in AWS Marketplace. However, if you want to create a custom view of AWS Marketplace for your customers where you show offerings from other sellers, and offer value-added functionality on top of that, you can't get that information from the Catalog API.

For these scenarios, use the AWS Marketplace Discovery API service. With the Discovery API, you can create browse and search functionality on top of the full AWS Marketplace catalog of products, with links back to AWS Marketplace for customer procurement of products.


The AWS Marketplace Discovery API is a private API. You must request access to be able to use it. For more information, see the next section, Getting access to the Discovery API.

Getting access to the Discovery API

The AWS Marketplace Discovery API is a private API, only available to select partners. Calls to the Discovery API require an Integration ID that is provided to a partner when they are approved for access.

To request access to the Discovery API, or get answers to other questions about the Discovery API, reach out to your existing AWS Marketplace contact. If you don't have a contact, or don't know who your contact is, you can reach out to the AWS Marketplace Seller Operations team.

After you have been approved for access, you will receive your Integration ID, as well as documentation for how to use the Discovery API.