Setting up Coupa integration - AWS Marketplace

Setting up Coupa integration

To configure the integration between AWS Marketplace and Coupa, you start the process in AWS Marketplace and complete it in Coupa. You use the information generated in AWS Marketplace to configure the Coupa punchout. To complete the configuration, the accounts that you use must meet the following requirements:

  • The account used to complete the AWS Marketplace configuration must be the payer account and have the IAM permissions defined in the AWSMarketplaceProcurementSystemAdminFullAccess managed policy.

  • The account used to complete the Coupa configuration must have Coupa administration access to set up a contract, supplier, and punchout.

Configuring IAM permissions

The following AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions are in the AWSMarketplaceProcurementSystemAdminFullAccess managed policy and are required to configure the integration between AWS Marketplace and Coupa.

{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "aws-marketplace:PutProcurementSystemConfiguration", "aws-marketplace:DescribeProcurementSystemConfiguration", "organizations:Describe*", "organizations:List*" ], "Resource": [ "*" ] } ] }

We recommend that you use IAM managed permissions rather than manually configuring permissions. Using this approach is less prone to human error, and if the permissions change, the managed policy is updated. For more information about configuring and using IAM, see the following topics:

Configuring AWS Marketplace

To configure AWS Marketplace to integrate with Coupa, navigate to Manage procurement. In the Manage procurement systems pane, enter a name and description for the punchout, and can also configure integrated invoicing. You can also switch the integration to test mode so that users can't make valid subscriptions until you're ready. To configure the AWS Marketplace portion of the integration, complete the following procedure.

To configure AWS Marketplace for integrating with Coupa

  1. From AWS Marketplace Manage Procurement Systems, under Procurement systems, choose Set up Coupa integration.

  2. On the Manage Coupa integration page, under Account information, enter the name and description of your integration.

You use the information generated on this page to configure the punchout in your Coupa system. The configuration defaults to test mode being enabled. This helps you complete the configuration and enable the punchout in a planned manner.

You can also enable electronic invoicing from AWS Marketplace by entering a URL that you want the invoices delivered to. This is likely a URL for the Coupa system.

Configuring Coupa

To configure the integration with AWS Marketplace in your Coupa system, copy the information from the Purchase information pane of the Manage Coupa integration page in AWS Marketplace. Use this information to complete the steps in the following links and guide you through configuring your Coupa procurement system.

AWS Marketplace includes the following United Nations standard products and services code (UNSPSC) codes for the software listings sent back to Coupa's cart:

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) products: 81162000

  • Application server products: 43232701

  • Other software, such as containers, AWS WAF rules, and machine learning (ML) algorithms: 43230000