ISV setup of resell opportunities - AWS Marketplace

ISV setup of resell opportunities

As an ISV, you can authorize consulting partners to resell your products by creating a resale opportunity for that partner. You can specify a discount percentage or custom price per product dimension to create a wholesale price for the consulting partner. The partner can mark up the wholesale price when creating their consulting partner private offer for a buyer. For more information about consulting partner private offers, see Extending a private offer based on an opportunity.


If the particular terms of the authorization that you want to create are not possible using the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, you can fill out an AWS Marketplace Reseller Author form. To request and return the form, reach out to your AWS Marketplace channel account manager or send an email message to

The following procedure outlines how ISVs can create an opportunity for a consulting partner. To use this feature, you must have permissions to use the Partners tab in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. For more information, see Policies for AWS Marketplace sellers.

To create an opportunity for a consulting partner

  1. Sign in to the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

  2. Choose the Partners tab, and then choose Create opportunity.

  3. Enter the Opportunity name and Opportunity description.


    The information you enter in Opportunity name and Opportunity description will be visible to consulting partners in their seller reports.

  4. Choose the Resellers that you want to authorize. You can select resellers by name or account ID.


    If a reseller doesn't appear in the list, they may need to register first. Only registered resellers can be authorized for an opportunity. For more information, see Consulting partner setup of resell opportunities.

  5. Select which of your Products are part of this opportunity and the Discount that you want to apply.

  6. Select the Duration of the opportunity.

  7. (Optional) For SaaS contract products, add or remove custom Product dimensions and modify the Additional usage fees to customize your opportunity.

  8. (Optional) Set one or more Buyer account IDs to specify that the opportunity is only for those buyers.

  9. (Optional) Select the End User License Agreement (EULA) version or upload the EULA to be included in the opportunity.

  10. Select Review opportunity, and make sure that the information is correct.

  11. Select Create opportunity to finalize the opportunity and authorize the consulting partners.

Once created, opportunities can't have their dates extended. However, you can revoke an opportunity and recreate it at any time. When you revoke an opportunity, new offers can't make use of that discount. Any existing offers are unaffected and retain their opportunity discount.